Tracy Birdsall vs. Hitler in Neil Johnson’s ‘The Time War – currently in production

The Time War_indieactivity

The Time War, which reunites Tracey Birdsall with her Rogue Warrior: Robot Fighter director Neil Johnson, will also star William Kircher, Stephen Manley, Aaron Jacques, Daniel Logan, and the late Christopher Lee who recorded his narration for the film shortly before his death.

During World War 2, the Nazis were alleged to be experimenting with Time Travel Technology. What if they were successful?

The Time War shows the consequences of Adolf Hitler traveling through time and re-writing history. Rather than taking a campy-cartoony stance on the notion, The Time War takes a more serious, scientific-based approach to the consequences of time travel and the theoretical multiverse. As Adolf Hitler starts to re-write his genetics, he learns that cause and effect are not as simple as it may seem on paper.

And after dealing with multiple versions of himself, his greatest nemesis is his own daughter Dijanne (played by Tracey Birdsall) who takes on his legacy of empire building and creates an army of one, from various versions of herself from across a billion different time lines.

The resulting Time War spans thousands of years and lays waste to the earth following one devastating atomic war. Time travel and re-writing history are heavily complex notions, and Dijanne, daughter of Adolf Hitler, discovers that she is the center of the universal destruction that threatens to extinguish all life from planet earth.

Film is currently in production USA and UK.

The Time War is due for release 2018.