Interview with Vincent Nwachukwu

Vincent Nwachukwu_indieativity

Vincent Nwachukwu is an African filmmaker. He started his movie career in 1999, back then it was a dream come true for him, the very first day he came close to a film set, Vincent had started off as a screenwriter, then continuity supervisor, next he made producer, assistant director and now director. His major break came with the film Snake Boy in 2009, Vincent wrote the Script and worked under his mentor Kalu Anya as an assistant director. In 2013 Vincent’s film Red Mafia nailed his name the wall.

indieactivity: Did you study what you do?
Vincent: I have always wanted to be in the media, however my mother had always wanted me to study journalism and become a journalist, she had obsession for the television, I did study LINGUISTICS AND COMMUNICATION STUDIES in the prestigious University of Port Harcourt Rivers State and I graduated in 2009, I went on to undertake relevant courses needed to develop my craft, particularly focusing attention on directing and screenwriting. Recently i also delved into Cinematography, just to satisfy my cup of becoming a total filmmaker.

indieactivity: What is your filmmaking process?
Vincent: To me, filmmaking is a recreation of life. Mirroring the society through the script to the screen. Like I always sum it up, film is a re-creation of reality in a fictional manner. The greatest tool of a filmmaker is his power of imagination. The size of your imagination determines your ability to push on

indieactivity: Tell us about the work you have produced?
Vincent: I have done a couple of films and i have worked with a couple of old and fresh actors, I have seen the good, the bad and the (no-go area) actors I have come to say, they have no business being here. Reason being that most people come into the industry for sundry reasons. But bear in mind, acting is a continuous process, most people come in prepared and others improve in the process.

indieactivity: Do you take courses to improve your craft?
Vincent: Most times financial constraints may limit your ability to attend courses and workshops here and there, but it cannot stop your drive for learning, therefore in this age of the internet, a wide range of materials and online courses are available on the internet on daily basis and on cheaper rates for a filmmaker to avail his or her self the opportunity to improve and learn fresh thoughts and ideas

indieactivity: How do you combine acting, producing and writing?
Vincent: like I said, I write most of the scripts I produce and direct. So in essence I write, produce and direct.

Vincent Nwachukwu_indieativity

Vincent Nwachukwu with cast

indieactivity: How did you get into the film business?
Vincent: I had the urge and push to make it in the movies, so I had to start going to places where film activities where going on, then in 1999, the only place accessible to me was the Agbakoba Park in Onitsha where everything film stated then in the Onitsha axis.

indieactivity: How do you turn an idea into a screenplay?
Vincent: Turning an idea into a screenplay entails you weigh the idea to know if it’s worthy of going on black and white.

indieactivity: Explain your writing process?
Vincent: something has to first inspire me, then I will weigh the idea to ascertain it’s script worthy and can capture the attention of my intended audience, and then if I am satisfied, I develop my scenarios and pen down the screenplay

indieactivity: What writing tip or idea can you give young writers?
Vincent: I do not believe one can make another person a writer, like I will always say, your power of imagination determines your output.

indieactivity: Tell us about the directing work you have done?
Vincent: I have done a couple of films as a director: Red Mafia, Children Of Babylon, The Seer, Blood Party, Guy Next Door, Edge Of Darkness, God Of Mercy, Anger Is Madness, Illusion, War Is Useless, White Bagas, Black Demons, My Brothers Wealth, Throne Of Sinners.

Vincent Nwachukwu_indieativity

indieactivity: What do you want to change about the film business
Vincent: The Nigerian approach to filmmaking, it’s still seen as just another business venture! Agreed it is purely a business venture, but just like others forms of the media, film is a powerful tool for national reorientation and education. The mindset of filmmakers need absolute reorientation

indieactiivty: What do you want to be remembered for?
Vincent: I want to be remembered for telling my story, the African story in a mild and simple way. I want to be remembered as one who touched lives through films.

indieactiivty: What do you want from an actor during production?
Vincent: All I look out for is a willing tool, humble enough to be used in other to achieve a desired goal.

indieactiivty: What can a director do to get into the film industry?
Vincent: You can’t be outside the industry and say you are a director, so get in here first and chart a course for yourself.

indieactiivty: Who is your favourite film director?
Vincent: Quentin Tarantino

indieactiivty: Why?
Vincent: His free mind and independent thoughts expressed in his works draw me to him all day

Vincent Nwachukwu_indieativity

indieactiivty: What advice can you give directors?
Vincent: Be free from external influences, marry your thoughts with what is attainable, achievable and doable…

indieactiivty: What advice can you give directors?
Vincent: I have done a couple of films as a director: Red Mafia, Children Of Babylon, The Seer, Blood Party, Guy Next Door, Edge Of Darkness, God Of Mercy, Anger Is Madness, Illusion, War Is Useless, White Bagas, Black Demons, My Brothers Wealth, Throne Of Sinners.

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