What Quality Makes a Great Screenwriter?

 What Quality Makes A Great Screenwriter_indieactivity

I have read a lot of scripts. You may have read more than I have. The one thing that I have found in all the great movies, that I have watched, is that I find myself craving the scripts after I have seen the films. I am not certain it works for others like it works for me. But, I do know that reading a great script means you saw a great film, and it is like candy in the hands of a child, you wouldn’t want to let go until you are done. And, when you get done, you’d gladly start all over again. As a hobby I buy the production script, I have an archive of them.

There are many views to which one can observe this question, “What quality makes a great screenwriter? But, If you identify with the a script as ‘great’, what then is that quality that makes it a great script? The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences compiled a host of replies to the question. Watch the video below.

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  • This is a great way to approach screenwriting, by asking the question ‘What Makes A Great Screenwriter?’ I will agree overall with all that was discussed in the video, but I am drawn to these three ‘Curiosity’, ‘Sensuality’ and ‘Courage’.