Ladyboss docu-series inspires with women entrepreneurs from Chicago kicking ass

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LadyBoss is a Chicago based web docu-series that interviews women in, from, and around Chicago who are making a difference in their communities, their city, and in the world. We want you to watch the interviews, read the features and to get inspired. Join us to celebrate Lady Bosses crushing it and to inspire future #ladybosses to pursue their dreams.

Watch the whole Season I of Lady Boss, and be inspired to make a difference

“My eyes are opened to the amazing women around us who are making a difference and kicking ass. This is like a gift that keep on giving”, says Ashley Lackinger creator of Lady Boss. This experience got Ashley out of her comfort zone and she found a crew/tribe as intense and passionate as she is about creating art, sharing stories, and making a difference. And like a domino effect, each new amazing woman Ashley met introduced her to more inspiring women forging their own path. “I wanted to talk to them, get to know them, and ask them all the questions. #ladyboss was born”, says Ashley.Let’s turn into firm believers so that we all do better, and when we all do better, there is room for everyone.

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