Interview with Rose Johnson

Rose Johnson_indieactivity

I made my acting, directing, producing debut in 2005 in a stage play “Blue Front Café”…I’ve always had a passion for the arts and charity and through the 2005 “Blue Front Café” Stage play production I was able to perform and the proceeds from the production were donated to American Heart Association (charity).

Did you study what you do
Yes, I studied, not so much in a class room setting…I have been able to perfect my acting by watching the old “Twilight Zone” series…Watching/Studying the actors facial movements, and breathing techniques provided me with the ability to actually be “present” during acting. Which means it comes across very naturally and not scripted.

What is your filmmaking process
Again, my techniques are to be “present” during acting…It’s comparable to channeling the spirit of the character that you are portraying.

Tell us about the work you have produced
I have produced/directed/cast stage plays, and screenplays…”Acting is not studying a script…A true Director will allow his/her actors the ability to develop their character…So when this takes place you will see Magic in the production.

Do you take courses to improve your craft
No I don’t take any workshops or classes, I don’t discount workshops, or classes, however I feel a true actor is someone that is in communication with his/her higher self..

Rose Johnson_indieactivity

How do you combine acting producing and writing
I combine Acting, Producing, and writing because to me they are one in the same.

How did you get into the film business
I got into the film business during my debut stage play production, Also, I read for a part in the independent film “Tryin Times” and I got the part…So it’s been in my blood every since.

How do you turn an idea into a screenplay
I turn an idea into a screenplay by first doing meditation, after that the characters take form and the stage is set, and it flows effervescently

Explain your writing process
Meditation, Meditation, Meditation LOL

What writing tip or idea can you give young writers
Believe in Yourself and Your Art.

Tell us about the directing work that you have done
I directed stage plays, and I allowed the characters to use their creative energy, so that the “Magic” could happen

What do you want to change about the film business
I would like to see more movies that Awaken the Spirit of Mankind

What do you want to be remembered for
Humanity, Philanthropy, Unity

Rose Johnson_indieactivity

What do you want from an actor during production
To use their creative input

How do you prefer to work with a producer during a production
My preference is to work with the producer and we both recognize each other’s strengths and weaknesses and then we fill in the gaps.

How do you think a director can do to get into the film industry

Who is your favourite film director
Quentin Tarrantino

Because he ignites great talent in his actors

What advice will you give directors around the world
Don’t’ MicroManage, Don’t always follow the script, Allow the Magic to happen

Briefly describe your career
I am a director, produce, actor. I have done stage plays, voice overs for animated videos, games and Indie Films. I am a firm believer in using my celebrity format to give back to humanity, proceeds from my productions are donated to charity. I’ve also played a key role in the behind the scenes Artist Development.