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I was born. Went to school. Played a lot of sport. Finished school. Made the mistake of working at a power station. Quit job at powerstation. Went back to college and started pursuing filmmaking as a career.

indieactivity: Why did you get into filmmaking?
Daniel: It’s the only thing I would be willing do all day, everyday, and earn no money. Plus, it’s rather enjoyable,

indieactivity: How dies an indie filmmaker distribute his or her film?
Daniel: For me, it’s online. Building a network and following online is really important to get it out to a wide audience. But at the moment, I still haven’t figured out how to make a living from doing it.

indieactivity:  When can a filmmaker start to prepare planning for distribution?
Daniel: Right at the beginning. Know where you want to go and where it will reach an audience.

indieactivity: How can a filmmaker get his or her film into theatres, which an indie budget?
Daniel: That’s the million-dollar question, and what works for one filmmaker, probably won’t work for another. Just concentrate of making the best possible film you can, and hopefully all else will follow. I haven’t managed it yet.

indieactivity: How can filmmakers finance projects?
Daniel: I self-finance, which can be tough as I have to juggle numerous jobs.

indieactivity: What films have you written?
Daniel: Loop (2013), That’s Not Me (2014), Ring Ring (2014), Cupid (2015), Killer Bird (2015), The Missing Hand (2016), Toast (2016), Two Pound Forty Pence (2016), Man In A Suit (2016), Punch Bag (2017). Head over to:

indieactivity: What films have you made?
Daniel: All types. I’ve never done a period drama.

indieactivity: What is your concept on collaboration?
Daniel: Give people the freedom to come up with ideas but filter it through one person, I.e. The director.

indieactivity: How do you find the process of indie filmmaking?
Daniel: Tough but enjoyable. You end up doing a lot of work yourself.

indieactivity: Describe your recent work?
Daniel: Well, production on my latest was over 2 years in the making. A lot of script development as its a political drama, everything had to make sense (unlike in a comedy). Followed by casting, which can be stressful, finding the locations etc. And then the filming, and eventually edit the footage into something watchable. Think about the music, and hire a great composer. Consider entering it into festivals, and then release it online.

indieactivity: What are your future goals?
Daniel: To make a feature film

indieactivity: What do indie filmmakers need in todays world?
Daniel: To be self motivated

indieactivity: Briefly write about yrou career?
Daniel: I’m writing a blog every month or so documenting this journey, check out

Daniel Harding_indieactivity

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