HumDrum – The Pilot Episode: A Web-Series by Connor Webb and Shay Ruddick

HumDrum is a new web-series, this is the pilot episode, watch and enjoy it, share it


Ron Valderrama, our friend at StreamNow introduced us to a great web series titled HUMDRUM. Humdrum was created by two friends, Conner Webb and Shay Ruddick (we will bring you more about these filmmakers in the following weeks).

These filmmakers have released the Pilot Episode for HUMDRUM

HumDrum is a comedy series set and filmed in the oppressively pleasant and mundane county of ‘Dorset’ in the South of England. The story follows two young guys; Conner Webb and Shay Ruddick whose humdrum lives are rudely interrupted when their boredom gives way to temptation. They suddenly find themselves dealing with drug dealers and attempting to negotiate life and death situations with only their knowledge of popular culture to help them.


Femi Oriogun-Williams, Shay Ruddick, Eli Webb, Steph Walsh, Connor Webb, Chris Dreher, Thom Peart,

Genre: Web Series Comedy
Cast: Connor Webb, Shay Ruddick, Shaun Ward, James Viller, Daisy Porter, Femi Oriogun-Williams, Pelle Van Smith
Director: Connor Webb
Cinematography: Shaun Ward
Make-up & Sound: Elisha Webb
Cinematography & Sound: Billie Hicks
Writer & Sound: Femi Oriogun-Williams

  • We thought the title was very smart, and intuitive. It resonated very well with the team @indieactivity:disqus Then actually watching the first episode cracked us up. Kudos guys. We look towards the second episode.

  • Zach Sellenberg

    looks great I will share it on the facebook pages we manage.

    • Hello Zach, that will be great. Thanks for dropping by

    • And which of you guy had his birthday a few days past, I think I missed it. Jut to say Happy Belated Birthday. I hope to catch the next one

  • Hey Zach. When do we get to see the Eposiodes?